1950s Wedding Dresses in Vintage and Classic Style


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There is a tendency in many brides choose vintage 1950s wedding dresses. There are several reasons for this, as there are only a few things that are not made again. Vintage design is often classic and elegant. Vintage change the wedding dress is a good way to nip and tuck in all the right places. It does not mind if you buy a slightly bigger size because you can have it fitted to the shape of your body with a good tailor.

Another option is to have a vintage dress copied. This is an exciting way really interesting to add a special touch to the design. In 1950 the war ended and fashion began to blossom. Designers focused less on sharp silhouettes and moved to softer lines. Dior fashion pushed to the limit and shunned after the war, poverty and lack of materials, using up to 23 meters of cloth to dress up one. So, in essence, in 1950, where there is a large dress, 1950s wedding dresses are bold and make a statement.

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1950s wedding dresses

During 1960, the wedding dress brings many of the methods that are now very familiar to us today, such as the empire waist and A-line silhouette. In addition, the bubble sheath silhouette, hemline at ankles, 3/4 sleeves and lace Watteau train unique style than a decade. So the popular style is the A-line dress, this is a splinter of the hourglass shape, which is closely linked to the 1950s.

Finding the perfect 1950s wedding dresses is a big task but the task can be fun, it should not be too hard and with the right help and advice. Look for more help in choosing the right dress. There are plenty of places to look for vintage wedding dress. It’s smart to visit the store and try vintage dresses to determine the shape and age that suits you. Then you can open an online search. A lot of ’50S dresses have a small waist but full statue. A trip to the tailor to change repel make the best fit.

1950s wedding dresses

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