15 Briefly, children in both groups had three physical

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Replica Bags Get Liverpool FC updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!The prospect of not seeing your team in action for what feels like an eternity can cause supporters to suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms England internationals just aren’t the same, are they?It can also see the typical chatter about football matters replaced with inane, unusual and sometimes bizarre conversations between friends and colleagues across the workplace, as they struggle to cope without Premier League football.And that’s precisely what happened to us lot at Echo Towers when a discussion broke out about Liverpool FC and their celebrity fanbase.Which led us to ask one very pertinent question: Do Liverpool have the toughest celebrity fans around?From tough guy wrestlers to Jedis and James Bond, you’d certainly want these Reds fighting your corner.Daniel Craig (James Bond)The man with the specific set of skills.Neeson plays Bryan Mills in film franchise Taken, and stars as the former government operative who is forced to rescue his daughter from her European kidnappers.No stone is left unturned in his pursuit as he fends off all comers with a barrage of attacks he honed during his time as agent.Neeson also plays Qui Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace.The Lightsaber wielding Jinn is viewed as one of the most powerful Jedi.(Image: PA Wire)His boxing showdown with Floyd Mayweather may not have worked out for the Irishman, but the UFC icon is one of the biggest tough guys around.McGregor is the first ever two weight world champion in the UFC, and while his outlandish personality divides opinion, the fighter is someone you want on your side.Whilst not overly nailing his Liverpool colours to the mast when quizzed earlier this year, his “f Everton” statement could be considered enough for inclusion here.Barcelona’s Philippe Coutinho claims laughed off by LiverpoolWWE Superstar Wrestler Sheamus on a visit to Anfield home of Liverpool FC. The avid Liverpool fan got a tour of the stadium along with the famous dressing rooms. Sheamus is currently on tour and in Liverpool in the ring for two nights.The WWE wrestler takes no prisoners in the ring with his ‘Celtic Cross’ and ‘Brogue Kick’ finishing moves.The Irishman is a big Red and a former WWE champion.The 6ft 4′ Reds supporter is also brave enough to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone in front of thousands of Mancunians at the Mancester Arena!Certainly not one to mess with.Samuel L JacksonThe legendary hip hop producer was raised on the mean streets of Compton in Los Angeles and was one of the masterminds behind the rise of ‘gangster rap’ in the early 1990s through his work with the likes of NWA, Snoop Dogg and 2pac.Dre is a Liverpool fan, and professed his love of the Reds to the club’s official website back in 2001 Replica Bags.

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