How to build an inground pool without burning your pocket

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There’s nothing feel better than having a swimming pool, it can be source of recreation, free swimming lesson. And maybe source of water at very unbearable summer. There can be two kinds of pool, the inground type where you need to actually dig the ground and above the ground version where the pool is located on the ground.  For how to build and inground pool there might be bit of consideration. It might look difficult at first, but you will need to get through it to get the result. So let’s begin the iterations for how to build an inground pool.  The scope of this project however may not be for DIY except for very small scale one.

Overview of pools

American Association of pool and Spa Professionals, noted that there are over five millions of inground pools across the United States,  with annual building rates of over 175-200,000 pools per year. So it’s quite natural that people wants on how to build an inground pool.

The beginning however might not be easy, at first one should contact appropriate pool contractors, which they will send people for surveying the site.  You may also get approximate price range on your effort. The cost however for the average Americans may necessitating going to bank for a loan for financing to build an inground pool effort.

The Surveyor sent by the contractor will later survey the ground. Good ground for inground pool is one with soft ground and no rocks. There is however case when there are large rocks underground that can put your effort in jeopardy at least financially.  The rock problem solution however requires blasting it.  Which won’t be cheap.  The rock chunk can be as large as the house itself.

Another concern is fencing, which required in some state. This cost adds to your swimming pool cost. And can run you down from U$ 10,000-12,000 only for the fence and gates. Or even more depending on the size of the pool.  There is however opportunity, which is to team up with your friend or neighbor to finance your swimming pool development. It might not be the most private solution but it can get the job done and possibly enhancing your relationship with your neighbor.

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The Pool itself

So it’s time to build a pool Here are some steps, mostly deals with selections and stuff not the work itself as the contractor will handle it for you. So picking the pool comes first.

Pick your Pool

For picking pool, you have three basic options namely concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. These pools are available nationwide, although one type can be more prevalent than others in some states. There are several more uncommon choice for your pool which is steel and aluminum walled. But they’re only found in some place

Now it’s down to your requirement on how to build an inground pool. If you need strength and durability. you might better off with concrete pool. Which as the name, made out of concrete. It can be formed in any shape, any size and any depth. Popular name of this kind of pool are Gunite or Shotcrete pool as the concrete used to construct them are injected/molded onto steel reinforced wall using special concrete gun.   once the concrete cures, it will later be finished with plasters, painted and tiled.

Second type of available pool would be vinyl pool, which made out of vinyl fibre. This pool come in preformed with reinforced wall frame made out of steel or aluminum and even polymer plastic.  Most of the pool comes in rectangular shape, although more shape can be made. With magic of printing technology, we can now have the vinyl pool wall to be painted with various pattern or color. enriching your poolscape to maximum.

A word of caution when picking vinyl pool is that it walls can be vulnerable to puncture damage. Thus thickness is important. Make sure that the thickness of the wall are about an inch or more. The construction time for this pool is shorter than concrete, much shorter (concrete 12-13 weeks) like 1-3 weeks

The last kind of pool is the fiberglass, it’s entirely preformed that it need to be actually delivered to your house.  The fiberglass pool is made out of giant chunk of fiberglass molded into one giant basin shaped piece.  As a result the installation time is even shorter than both vinyl and concrete, can be about three days. However driving them to your home wouldn’t be easy as some states restrict oversized truckload. It might have to pass a long way to your house.

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