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In this article we will provide review of adesign companies that specializes in kitchen and bath gallery. There are many of them around but, there’s nothing hurt from showing  one big name which is Kohler, known as the master in the field since 100 years ago. profile of kitchen and bath gallery for us.

But why designing kitchen and bathroom anyway ?

This is a valid question, why pouring effort on kitchen and bath gallery? As kitchen and bathroom isn’t usually something you show ? The reason is the following.


One consideration in bathroom decoration the user comfort. The older type housing often have smaller sized bathroom, no accident given their functional consideration The bathroom there might feel cramped, cold and perhaps creepy.  However by decorating them you can  add more life to it. How ? One way is  by playing with color and lighting.  Why color and lighting ? It’s because they can give warm and wide sensation. You may feel the bathroom to be larger, although physically it’s still your small bathroom.

Another way to lighten up the bathroom is by  use of high end adornments, decoration mirror and ornaments, where to get them? kitchen and bath gallery


There’s no room in the house that as used as kitchen. It has kind of maternal aura padded with mystery and nurturing desire. At the early beginning of humanity. Our house was essentially a very big kitchen, no living room, bedroom or room for facebook and snapchat It’s a one big kitchen where family gather around the fire, where they cook, eat and enjoy the meals.

Nowadays kitchen’s main purpose is that of utility. Although appearance wise they are more into practical side than style. Your kitchen can says a lot about you: the presence or absence of certain appliances or features, the types of food or something else you store in the refrigerator, colors of wall, tones of the ceiling, dark and lightness and textures surrounding your kitchen. All of them can say lot about you, even without you telling it to someone else.  Thus it’s necessary for you to also bring life and joy to your kitchen.  make them just as shiny as you make other part of your house shine in beauty.

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The Kohler Company

with the acquisition of the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry from John Michael Kohler’s father-in-law, Jacob Vollrath for acquisition price of U$5000 or some U$ 97000 in present day dollar.Early products of Kohler company includes cast steel & iron farm implements, casting sets for furniture factories,.

Breakthrough occurred in 1883 when John Michael introduced application of enamel to a cast iron horse trough resulted with the Kohler company’s first bathtub. With the success of the bathtub The company become a premier in plumbing business ever since.

The company became well known for producing plumbing fixtures. In 1888, one part of the company which then became the Kohler Water Works devised the original trademarked Bubbler. The invention turned out to be very popular, resulted with other companies  started developing similar device under the generic term  drinking fountain. The original word bubbler itself however are still in wide use in several regions in the United states.

In 1899 The company moved to a newly procured 21 acre of area. located four miles west of Sheboygan. John Michael did the procurement with the vision to see his company grow further.  In 1900 however he died at the age of 56. His leadership passed on to his son Robert J. Kohler.  In 1901 however disaster stroke as the new foundry was burned down to the ground. The company moved back its activity to its older plant at Sheboygan.  reconstruction effort follows with completion in 1902. Where the production moved back to Riverside plant.

Walther J Kohler was appointed as new president in 1905 following the death of his father Robert J Kohler. He later lead the company the long 35 years. in 1911 The company introduces the first built in bathtub with integral apron.  in 1912 The company adopted its current name, The Kohler co.   It’s later incorporate the whole riverside area as Kohler village. in 1916. Kohler co initiate naturalization day. It’s a day where foreign employees are given chance to apply US citizenship.

The Kohler company also conducted a long term development plan on the Riverside. The plan was completed in 1917, spanned for over 50 years.  In the same year toward the end of World War I in 1918. The Kohler company produces munitions and bombs for the United States armed forces.

In 1920 the Kohler company spanned its wings to new ground with the introduction of Kohler’s Automatic Power and Light and produces world’s first internal combustion engine powered electric generator.  In 1924, Walter Kohler initiated horse stable named Kohler stable. It later became famous for successful breeding of the Morgan and Warmblood horses. At the same 1924, Kohler co established a club named quarter club. One of the first  in American Industry to honor employee that served for over 25 years.

In 1926, the Kohler Village got a new plant that start mass producing faucets and other bathroom essentials. At the same year they offered tours around their factory.

In 1929 Walther J Kohler was sworn as the Governor of State of Wisconsin while remain in position as the head of company.  In 1941 the company back again to the wartime production, as a part of President Roosevelt’s arsenal of democracy campaign, much of its production are torpedo tubes, munitions and other military reserve items. Civilian use item like plumbing product also subject to war conversion where they produced only for military purpose. The wartime production mode however ended at 1946 where they once again switched back to peace time civilian product.

In 1969 Kohler goes to the moon as the company manufactured precision navigation set for Apollo moon landing effort.

And the history goes on until the Kohler co we know right now. The company now have a worldwide reach, with over 32000 of employee with many divisions. Kitchen and bath gallery is one of it, recently opened their gallery at United Arab Emirates.


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