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White Shower – The enthusiasts were additionally deliriously pleased with the top of the line, built in Miele coffee machine and standalone Nespresso with an extensive choice of ejection seats. Dining, dwelling, family, and entertainment functions reside in the front two-thirds of the ground floor, a sun-filled, airy, open space where the mountains seem to come right indoors and sit in your lap. The amusement zone proved to be a favorite spot for our young ones who were at ease with all the state of the art Sonos sound system.

Another is an imposing glass sculpture in the form of a kiwi that expands the height of the stairwell and beyond. Designed by New Zealand miniature artist Peter Stoneham of Virtualight, the LED lights inside it show distinct colours. Other notable lighting characteristics comprise seven white tubes hung from the ceiling at irregular heights over the living space and floor lights that illuminate the glass walls during the night. The Jagged Edge wine cave is a cool spot in more ways than just the temperature, a steady 13 degrees Celsius. Tunnelled into the bedrock supporting the home, I loved the feeling of the cavern as well as the musty odor of the schist dissected with seams of quartz. The smooth polished concrete flooring had a dusting of silver powder from the schist. Obtained from the living space through a tall, hefty, opaque glass door, double eagles safeguard the wooden stands, which carry an all-inclusive collection of local, New Zealand, and imported wines. There was lots of space in the four-metre white Corian island for several of the would-be master chefs, as well as the two full-sized dishwashers as well as the enormous electric oven with five Miele gas hobs got a thorough work out.

Nevertheless, Julian McPike, among the owners and creators of the masterpiece, preceded to perform magic and make blinds and walls out of thin air. He’s in charge of revolutionary developments in the initial layout to make a more practical, workable living space. An enormous glass-walled, walk in double shower runs the length of the master ensuite. A pair of Villeroy & Boch bowls sits on a glass-top, wall-hung dressing table with soft-close drawers well-stocked with toilet requirements. A white, freestanding Victoria and Albert bathroom have a beautiful view of the Remarkables through a floor- to-ceiling window. Every renovation job is fundamentally positive because homeowners start out with a strategy to enhance their house with visions of glorious new dwelling spaces or at least a glossy upgraded toilet galvanising them to power through the less pleasant side of home improvement jobs.

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White Shower

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While most folks come through the mess and expense and take pleasure in the results, the greatest fear of several homeowners is the fact that they’ll be among the miserable group who have problems with inflated prices, low-quality workmanship or an incomplete renovation. The worst-case scenario for this situation, which happily doesn’t always occur, is that they are going to be compelled to sue their contractors. Some can get all or part of their cash refunded. But others never get reimbursed for their financial loss, much less the time and aggravation of renovation catastrophe. Jay Timmons and Rick Olson, married homeowners in McLean, Va., never believed they’d be among the unlucky group. We’ve renovated many houses before and had remodeled the first floor of our house using a contractor who did an outstanding job, says Timmons. Sadly, when we hired him again to redo our upper level and add a garage and bonus room, the encounter turned into an absolute nightmare which was incredibly disruptive to our children and our lives. The remodelling project at Timmons house was designed to take one year and rather has taken almost three years and cost 70 percent more about the initial contract price.
The laundry is no pure afterthought either. Equip with a commercial size Paykel & Fisher Intuitive technology washing dryer and machine, a long seat, big bath, as well as a wall of storage cupboards using a bunch of pool and beach towels, it was a joy to do the laundry.

Facilities include a complete kitchen, grand living space, fitness center and fitness room, sauna, heated swimming pool, hot tub pool, enormous wraparound deckings for outdoor amusement, as well as the same spectacular views as the mother ship up the hill. With acres of light hardwood flooring, the total effect in the Jagged Edge, as well as the guest house, is just one of understated sophistication and clean, uncluttered lines a luxury, restful place devoid of fussy detail and ornamentation. The owners have sensibly let nature take centre stage. At the touch of a button, panels appeared from their hiding places and started floating across the mezzanine floor, joining forces to form a secure partition, transforming the light, airy bedrooms into cosy boudoirs. Electrical blinds descended from someplace in the ceiling to cover the glass walls during the night. At the same time, I would like to set my camera away and drink in the authentic sundown as it occurs rather than indulge my fixation for recording its reflection. It makes my pulse race. I am scared I Will miss the best shot and scared I Will miss the pleasure and what is left of the rose in the pool. My pictures of the dawn supporting the mountain range I scaled at their age are all they see. They miss out on the magnificence of the newborn day but their frantic lives in London and Sydney values a few undisturbed slumber-ins.


The $10 million mansion is proud along with a touch smug, boldly claiming its right to exist in this kind of grand landscape where the mountains are gods. Side-on, the construction is light and bright; it’s nearly imperceptible. It’s possible for you to see clean through it, which enables it to blend into the surrounding woods and stone. From space, all you can see is the dart-like point of the triangle. This was the first in some wondrous demonstrations of the Jagged Edge’s myriad technical characteristics, the most notable of which is the 3.7-metre long sickle-shaped pub, which also appeared by magic from beneath the flooring. He guided us to stand well clear when using the break function as it ceases for nothing. While the others were happy just to soak in the decadent infinity health spa, I was fascinated by the mechanism and building behind it.

More than 8000 cubic metres of stone were excavated to form the stage for the house that’s assembled into the schist cliff, and fastened from above by ten steel bars linked to anchors drilled 20m into the stone. Flooring to ceiling steel poles & heavy duty triangulars bolts hold the glass walls panels set up. We’re so high up on the slopes of Ben Lomond; the graceful 104-year old steamer resembles a plaything. The pool is obtained through a steel-framed portal site with 39mm glass panels, the priciest glass in the home. It is childproof, naturally, with safety glass barriers and gate. There is also a narrative behind internet access in the home. Situated on a mountainside 10 minutes from Queenstown, the sign was undependable until Julian negotiate a deal using a buddy several kilometres away across the lake at Jack’s Point. The Jagged Edge’s net signal is bounced off the brother’s roof – he gets free internet access in return. At the Jagged Edge and guesthouse, you will not need to see another soul till you check out, apart from your committed VIP concierge who’ll organize anything and everything for you. On the menu are charter private jets, helicopter transports, launches, yachts,  and star private chefs, jet boats, drivers, experienced nannies, bespoke spa treatments,  ski teachers, guides,  and personal trainers.


A master switch in the front door turns on each of the lights when you arrive and turns them all away as you leave, conserving time plus energy. The front entrance door is controlled by a touchpad, but the back door and pool door are manually controlled. To save even more energy, smart technology permits the house to be changed to the unoccupied mode when empty. The sharp triangular shape with two walls embedded in the schist foundation stone from which it was born defies the idea of a home and challenges every rule of plumb. The glass walls jut out of the foundation at an 18-degree angle rising to a towering 9.2 metres. The 3 bedrooms sitting room are hung over the ground floor kitchen and living space on a mezzanine stage in the back of the home, developing a towering floor-to-ceiling atrium in the apex of the triangle.

White Shower

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