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Facebook Wedding Dress Quiz, Famous Wedding Dress Quiz, Wedding Dress For Me Quiz, Wedding dress quiz – How much do you know about the wedding, and some of the most famous wedding? Style and custom wedding dress. The test is tests your knowledge of trivia wedding. This question used to see whether you are a bride to be, wedding guests, or just love weddings.

Let’s see the wedding dress quiz question.1. Queen Victoria popularized the ideaof white wedding, a wedding wearing white wedding dress.  Answer with true or false. 2. What is common in Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and Queen Elizabeth in all the days of their marriage? A. They were married in the royal family. B. They ride in the wagon the glass. C. They wore pearl bridal jewelry. 3. Who is one of these famous young brides wearing a white silk slipdress that raised a big trend in her wedding dresses?  A. Mia Farrow. B. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. C. Audrey Hepburn.

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These are the answer of wedding dress quiz. 1. True. Before the marriage of Queen Victoria with Prince Albert, brides used to wear the best clothes in any color. White wedding dresses became famous after Queen Victoria wore of. Today, almost every bride has wearing white in, especially in the Western Hemisphere. 2. The answer is C. The bride wore a pearl jewelry bridal party shape for the wedding. In the case of Grace Kelly, thousands of tiny seed pearls adorning her veil. The answer is B. When Carolyn Bessette and John F. Kennedy Jr. out of the church after their wedding, they were proper white silk slipdress withNarciso Rodriguez designs. It inspires brides around the world to choose the more elegant modern style of a traditional wedding dress.

Wedding dress quiz

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