White and Black Dress Wedding Patterned Ideas


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White and black wedding dress – The striking contrast of a black and white is a stunning choice when planned correctly. You should be certain to carry your wedding theme through all of the aspects of your wedding with classy touches that make an impression without going overboard. Try some of these ideas for a sophisticated and elegant black and white wedding theme.

The first and most obvious contrast is the white and black wedding dress in his black tuxedo. However, for a twist, you could consider having the groom wear a white tuxedo and then dress both the bridesmaids and groomsmen in black.

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White and black wedding dress

The bride and groom will really stand out! If you opt for the traditional, considering adding black accents to both the bride and groom’s attire with a black tie for the groom and white flowers with black ribbon for the bride. White flowers for the bridesmaids and a white flower on the groom’s lapel will complete the theme in the bridal party.

To make the perfect theme, the wedding was held in the stunning old castle or in a rural area surrounded by natural forests, parks and farms. Even in white and black wedding dress is becoming one of the preferred color in the middle Ages, you can choose any theme.

You must decide whether you want to be a farmer or a member of the royal family or daughter and you have to choose your wedding dress according to the theme chosen.


White and black wedding dress



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