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Small Bathroom Designs – When it comes to expressing your self there are many ways you can do it and your home small bathroom designs should be no different. It really just comes down to themes and the way you choose to model your bathroom.

Some people just seem to accept the bathroom design or model that came with their house when they bought it. That’s fine too, but imagine if you could really spice up your bathroom and make it a place to relax as well as something that your guests would be marveling at?

As any of you who often read this blog may already know I am a firm believer of searching out and finding good bathroom designs and photos before you try anything on your own. If you do this you’ll have a clear picture as well as some good inspiration. Also by using bathroom design photos you will find great themes that you may have never even thought of.

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The theme or small bathroom design that I want to talk about today is the ultra modern design. Basically society these days is moving at a rapid pace and to reflect this many families or individuals are designing high tech style bathrooms. The way you can achieve this look is just by using a lot of grey and black colored products and vanities. You can also buy and install cool high tech objects like shower heads, auto-baths, and the interesting toilets that you can find in Japan. These toilets have all sorts of high tech buttons for cleaning up after you’re done your job.

Another way to add some calm into your new high tech small bathroom designs is to have some background music. You can achieve this effect buy wiring speakers into your bathroom from your main system or you can just buy a cheap CD player and leave the calming bathroom music looping in the background as people do their thing in your new model bathroom.

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