Creative and Affordable DIY Interior Design Ideas Living Room

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Your living room is one of the most versatile rooms in your personal living area. You will entertain guests and visitors. It is the place where you can relax and enjoy your private entertainment. It is the place for gathering and get-together. It is the place where you do your favorite activities. Basically, you can do a lot of things there. So, it is only logical that you should decorate this room with the style that you like. But what if you are rather low on the budgets? Don’t worry, there are a lot of creative DIY interior design ideas living room products that you can try for your most personal living space.


Things to Consider

Before you start with your DIY interior design ideas living room, you should remember about the size and dimension of your living room. Why does it matter, anyway? Well, you may not know this, but the size and dimension of the living room can determine the decorative element that you should have. For instance, if you have a wide and spacious living room, you can have all kinds of elements and decorations that you like – on the wall, on the floor, etc. However, if you have a rather small living room, you need to limit yourself. Choose a particular element that will be the focal point in the interior décor. If you are proud so much of your floor, consider having a floor decoration with bright rugs or floor patterns. If you like the wall, consider having catchy wall decorations.


Don’t forget that you are free to choose whatever designs, decorations, or styles that you want. For instance, tray wall décor is mostly associated with vintage interior décor. However, in case you have a modern and sophisticated interior décor and yet you choose the tray wall decoration, you can do it. Mix and match are definitely possible in room decoration. Who says a certain décor exclusively belongs to a certain style only? In fact, if you can combine different elements and styles of DIY interior design ideas living room in your personal project, it would be great.


The Refreshing Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a regular item that is mostly found in the living room. In case you have an old and worn item, be sure refresh the look by changing the overall appearance. You can repaint it with brighter or bolder color. You can paint the background side of the shelf with a contrasting color to create a visually appealing look – a white shelf with a blue background. Be creative. If you don’t paint the background, you can also use a wallpaper. It is a guarantee that your shelf will look different and new.

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Eclectic Tray Wall Décor

If you have old and antique trays, why not turning them into appealing wall decors? It is a simple and yet stylish DIY interior design ideas living room. You only need to polish them to renew the shine and then hang them on your walls. Keep the proportion in lines, mind you. For instance, you can have more of the smaller trays and a fewer bigger trays. Don’t overdo it. If you have bigger trays, for example, have five of them, max. If you have smaller trays, on the other hand, you can hang more.


The Comfy and Stylish Ottoman

Have you ever thought about having your own ottoman for multifunctional purposes? Stack two or three thick and wide pillows and a wooden tray on the top. It will make a stylish and one-of-a-kind coffee table. If you need a floor cushion, you can simply take the pillow. Where do you buy such cushions, anyway? You can make it. It only takes durable fabrics with high-density foam. You can always do this DIY interior design ideas living room without having to spend a fortune and yet the result is very personal and unique.


A Unique Seat

What can you do with a stack of old magazines? Instead of removing them away, why not turning them into a stylish chair for your DIY interior design ideas living room? Group of stack of magazines together, top it off with a comfy cushion, and bind them all with a special belt (or your old belts).


Functional Old Crates

Do you know that old crates can be turned into a highly functional and stylish interior décor? You can definitely hang them on the wall and use them for wall display. Place them in attractive layout and space management to create a unique look and appeal.


Managing this DIY interior design ideas living room is fairly easy because you are given a lot of options and flexibilities. First of all, you can use the crates in their original forms without having to change anything. It is mostly beneficial if you want to deliver a more natural feel. However, if you want to add a modern look with a more sophisticated feel, you can always paint them with bright or bold colors. It will definitely create a stylish feel without making a lot of changes.


A Functional Coffee Table

If you have extra wooden crates and drawers, why not turning them into a coffee table? Whether you want to polish it or paint it, the crates can provide a solid structure for a unique coffee table. You can also use the drawers to provide additional storage compartments. Don’t you love it when your coffee table can also be used to keep a lot of items?


A Table Suitcase

If you have an old and worn suitcase, you can always turn it into a table. You may need to work extra on the construction but it is basically doable. You can buy a solid wood and chop it off for the legs. Polish the suitcase and turn it into a corner table. In case you need extra space, you can always open it up and use the inside compartment. This DIY interior design ideas living room project isn’t only easy but also affordable. And you can get a very nice result in the end.

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