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Kitchen Specialists – So here comes time for a remodel or redesign or whatever.  The trends of beautiful kitchen are in effect today, where people wants not only beautiful living room, room or courtyard. But also some places they will likely not show to people/guests such as bathroom, kitchen and garages.  Kitchen however appears to be in trend as it’s one of the most important room in the house.  Today there are many great names like Kohler, Europlak and others that offers stunning design job for your kitchen. Our subject of article now however is Kitchen specialists.

Why remodeling kitchen ?

People are spending more of their time in kitchen, according to Linda Eberle at Dream kitchens in Madison, state of Wisconsin.  They require more entertainment,  and cooking more than what it was used to be Thus need kitchen that perform like those owned by professionals.

Demand for professional style kitchens regardless they are big or little kitchen are causing manufacturers of kitchen sets to rethink, redesign and then offer their customers, new products that have perks and efficiency previously only available to professional restaurant owners and cook. According to the Ulrich Koberstein. The executive staff at American Club in Kohler Wisconsin. Today home’s little kitchen are becoming more and more like professional kitchens.

Although the dish that cooked by each home would be different so is the kitchen size, some may have large kitchen while others may have little kitchen.  The needs are the same. Often the house owner may employ one among many contractors that allows them to design and get a good feeling of their new kitchen. One of such vendor available is kitchen specialists

Another reason of why folks reworking or plan for new kitchen. Your kitchen room will says lots concerning you: the presence or absence of certain kitchen appliances or options, the kinds of food or one thing else you store within the refigerator, other goods, colours of wall, tones of the ceiling, dark and lightness and textures encompassing your room. All of them will say heap concerning you, even while not you telling it to somebody else. so it’s a necessity for you to conjointly bring life and joy to your room. create them even as shiny as you create different a part of your house shine in beauty. Kitchen specialists is one among many vendors capable of doing it with ease and fun.

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The kitchen specialists are one of experienced vendors in the kitchen design, with more than 25 years of experience.  They boasts thorough expertise and creative  vision to design countless varieties of kitchen and bring their client’s dream to a the 3D world.

Today there are many and almost unlimited choices, available to everyone who is about to think about building, redesigning or redecorating their kitchens. However there are few places and contractors where you can actually rely on the eyes and skill of professional kitchen designer to help making your decisions and what to achieve, in material choices, procurement and design.  Thus making Kitchen specialists unique.

Their design experts understood that planning, knowledge and careful attention down to the minutes of details could help you to create special place that will enhance your lifestyle, showing your tones and ensure pleasure for many years and perhaps forever to come.

You can contact them directly, or visit their kitchen design showroom, in Durham, NC, and start ordering things required for your dream kitchen.

The design team

Behind every and each design company there are always great mind. In this section of the article we will introduce the designers behind the kitchen specialists along with area of their expertise.

Mary Liebhold, CKD

Mary Liebhold. Is the founder and current president of the kitchen specialist. She’s a distinguished and experienced designer. Designing livable kitchens,  baths and others for about 30 years.  She founded the company in 1989 after relocated herself from State of North Carolina from Los Angeles.  She’s a good listener that will carefully listen and observe her client’s need and accordingly, offer suitable and unique solutions.

Her design methods are cost efficient and able to meet budget constraint and need to design perfect kitchen based on it. She and her staff earned the reputation for creating not only beautiful and functional kitchen but also those that designed to match the client’s dream and budgetary concerns.

Her design experience spanned from traditional, European and contemporary styles in remodeling or new construction process. As president of the company she is committed to professional work ethics and ensure that the customers got the best and superior craftsmanship, old fashioned values and long duration services.  She has won many awards and gained wide publicity.

She is recognized as the best kitchen designer for whole state of Carolina and featured in the new Perspectives on design Carolines book.  She’s a slo a good teacher that taught numerous courses and featured speaker on kitchen design.

Mary Kate Bedell. CKD

Another great mind behind the company. Mary Kate Bedell is a CKD and graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She joined the Kitchen Specialists team in 2004. Her design goal is to create both functional and beautiful kitchen or other spaces that well matched the client’s dream and will enhance the client’s quality of life.

She’s specialized in residential remodeling and new construction projects. She offers fine design, specification, ergonomic space planning as well as project management.

Mary Kate is dedicated her passion and great minds to provide superior service, well thought out design and to ensure excellent workmanship to her projects along with the clients. Working with highest quality custom materials and superior tradesmen.  She offered as specialist a timeless design that last forever and speak to generations with visual aesthetics and intense pragmatic values.

Mac Dodge

Another great mind behind the company. Mac Dodge is Graduate of East Caroline University, majoring in interior design.  She joined the company as intern employee. Later however she became full member of the team in the fall of 2011.  She’s a talented designer with expertise in CAD and able to provide artistic freehand perspective of the project.  She has the eye for spatial relationship and works well with the client and the lead designer to finalize the design into perfection.

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