Coming up with Various Attractive Small Garden Retaining Wall Ideas


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So, you have your own garden and you seriously want to improve its look by having a retaining wall. Then you are searching around for small garden retaining wall ideas to help you with the garden management and the layout arrangement. Although the retaining wall may not seem like a complex thing to do, you still need to make a careful plan so your plan will work. It would help a lot if you know the real functions of the retaining wall and how to manage everything properly.

Small Landscaping Retaining Walls

The Retaining Wall: The Basic Function and Use

Before you make decisions and plans for your small garden retaining wall ideas, you need to understand the basic functionality first. As the name suggests, the wall will retain the soil and the plants so erosion can be prevented. The retaining wall is especially good and helpful for slopes or for elevated grounds. After all, when you have an elevated ground, maintaining your plants and everything will be more difficult because of the different exposure to the wind and sun, the erosion that can quickly wash away the soil, soil height and level, and so much more. With the retaining wall, you basically create a barrier so the soil will stay put – and so are the plants. In the end, the wall can deliver a nice aesthetic aspect to your outdoor property while protecting the plants at the same time.




Choosing the Right Materials

Keep in mind that there are different materials to choose in small garden retaining wall ideas. Themos common types are:

  • The battered (or stepped) wall. This wall is made of stacked blocks where each row will be stepped back at about 1 inch from the one below.
  • The dry stack wall. The stone will be built without mortar. So, how do you know that it holds up? That’s why you need a professional to do the stacking properly?
  • The concrete wall. if you want to add protection and solidity to your wall, you can use cinder or concrete that will be installed on the concrete footing. There is a rebar that is embedded in the footing and it extends to the blocks. It will be mortared to secure the construction. Concrete will fill it later on.


Of course, there are also other options and techniques to consider about, such as:

  • The natural stone. It will give a natural blend with the surrounding nature with very little (almost none) maintenance.
  • The interlocking block, especially from concrete. In this technique, you won’t need mortar.  As the result, you can enjoy a more artistic and manicured appearance.

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Consulting the Pro

If you are still doubtful about which retaining wall to choose, you should consult a professional landscaping expert. Sure, you are probably thinking about having a DIY project but such thing isn’t advisable if this is your first time. If you don’t want to create chaos and mess, it is highly advisable that you ask for help from a professional.


The Main Benefits

There are a lot of different small garden retaining wall ideas but be sure that the wall can add value and aesthetic appeal to your garden. First of all, it can add a dramatic flair to the outdoor property. You can create a gateway while making the wall the focal point of your property. You can also increase and expand the usability of the land. Most homeowners would neglect the sloping area because it is trickier and more difficult to manage. With the retaining wall, on the other hand, you can make sure that every bit of your land is used properly and correctly into a good use.


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