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Desert Botanical Garden Wedding – Wanna held your wedding ceremony ? If yes then be ready for many things. Your bride’s equipment, shoes, gown and your own suit, your own shoes and various others. You may also think about how to get the wedding cakes or even try baking one yourself.  Various accessories and perks may also need to be taken in consideration too. But most important thing, where do you want to held the ceremony probably need to come up first as it will determine what settings and what dress code to wear that are suitable for that place.  In this article we will offer information on a venue which you can use for your wedding, the Desert botanical garden wedding.

The story of Desert botanical garden begun in 1930’s from a small group of citizen with great passion of conservation. They saw the need of keeping the desert environment stable and beautiful.  One among them is Gustaf Starck. He along with other like minded residents start the campaign of saving the desert. One effort is posting sign titled Save the desert with an arrow pointed to his own house.  The effort saw milestone in 1936, where they formed the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society or ACNFS.  The organization sponsored a botanical garden which to encourage people to understand, appreciate and to promote the uniqueness of the desert of the world. particularly the one sonoran desert nearby.



Soon the organization growth by arrival of Gertrude Webster.  Whose home was located just nearby the Arcadia.  She joined the society and offered her encouragement, her connection and networking and financial support to finally allow the establishment of the desert botanical garden wedding in Papago park area.

The organization’s first president was the garden benefactor. Gertrude webster. Who served in the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society.  Gustaf Starck was later become one among five of the organization’s vice presidents. Others include W.E. Walker, Rell hasket, L.L Kriegbaum and Samuel Wilson who were happen to also serve the organization as treasurer. Paul G Olsen served as secretary in 1938.  After ginormous work of the ACNFS organization. The board finally hired the garden’s first executive director. Mr John Lindsay. He oversaw the first planting of the plants on the grounds.  In 1939 the Desert Botanical Garden Wedding opened up in 1939. The organization is a non profit museum that dedicated itself for research, education, conservation and most importantly displays of the various desert plant.

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The Volunteers of the park.

The Botanical garden wedding cannot be maintained with just boards. There are people who actively taking care of the plant and other chores in it. They are the volunteers.  They were the first to create the garden, seeding it from the ground and until now. The share their time, talents and their professional expertise. They are vital to the continuously smooth and almost trouble free operations of the garden. They helped brought the appreciation to the world’s desert to visitors worldwide.

During the early days of the garden’s creation and development. The staff was small, with finances are in very tight order.  Those early supporters of the garden includes several amateur botanists. That donated their own desert plant collection as part of the Desert botanical garden wedding. Those volunteers are also responsible in helping with the park’s plan, executing sales of plant, documentation and photography, doing art exhibits and numerous other public event including wedding ceremony

One venue you can use in desert botanical garden wedding. The Dorrance center consist of three venues, two are exterior Like Boopart Courtyard and Kitchell patio with one great hall. The whole ceremonial package for this center is around U$ 3800.

Boppart Courtyard

The first venue of the Dorrance center. It’s a spacious outdoor courtyard ringed by beautiful and exotic desert surroundings.  This venue is located just south of the Dorrance hall. Right above the Sybil B and Harrington succulent/ cactus gallery. This courtyard has natural adornment of tranquil water feature with ambient lighting strung just overhead plus a built in stage. This site is ideal for ceremonial purpose like cocktail hour or outdoor dining. Can also be used for your western style wedding ceremony.

Dorrance Hall

The interior part of the Dorrance center. This hall boasts elegant 4600 square foot area of reception hall.  It has neutral decor featuring garden inspired tapestries. The hall has a full length windows, allowing the luxury of bringing natural light into your special event. This hall is perfect for reception, indoor ceremonies, meetings and memorial service. You can have your wedding held here too.

Kitchell Patio

Another exterior part of the Dorrance center.  This patio is located just north side of Dorrance hall. This is an ideal place for after dinner drinks and dessert. The kitchell patio also includes fabulous serene water features and the site also offers built in bench for additional seating.  The seating also serves as graceful outdoor extension to your indoor event at the hall.

Webster Center.

The second site that you can use in the desert botanical garden, renting cost is around U$ 3500. The venues are similar as Dorrance center with two exteriors like Ullman Terrace and Eliot patio. And one hall venue The webster auditoriim.  Suitable for your wedding experience.

Ullman Terrace

This exterior venue offers stunning backdrop of garden butte for your big day.  This spacious exterior tiered patio is surrounded by soft petal reflective lights and up lit saguaro cactus.  This beautiful and enchanting outdoor venue also features dancing area and a stage for entertainment. Used for weddings, you will exchange your vows with your bride or groom in the mid of beautiful desert sunset. Your guests will dine, drink and dance the whole night under the beauty of star cover.

Eliot Patio

This patio located right before the Ullman terrace, thus serves as entrance to it.  This patio is lighted up using portofino lights, up lighted plant and cacti. This makes the patio as ideal area for having your southwestern cocktail hour or serve as guest greeting area before entering Ullman Terrace. Should you held your weddings there. Guests may enjoy their drinks and others on Eliot Patio. While Ullman terrace would be the place for your reception.

Webster Auditorium

The interior part of the Webster center. This 1500 square foot  adobe building has french doors with antique chandeliers. This building is special as it’s listed in National Register of Historic Places. Webster auditorium can serves as an additional indoor space for your events. However some activities like dancing, flame and amplified music shows is not permitted. Be sure to take account on it on your desert botanical garden wedding event.


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