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House of color paint is a brand of paint with many good features and suitable for any walls and other appliances that may require painting.  In this article we will review some products of the house of color as well as the company’s rich and old history. Let the journey begin.


House of color the history

The story of house of color paint began at 1883 where Moore brothers founded Moore’s prepared Calsom Finish brand in Brooklyn, New York.  They committed to sell their paints through independent retailers. At 1892 They created a new line of product named as Muresco which take reliability and ease of application to the new level. It became one of the most popular ready-mix type paints available on the markets.  The paint is available in colors, tints and even can be custom blended. At 1907 Benjamin Moore and Cooperation hired its first paint chemist and established their research and development department on new paint research.

The company continue to grow for over 5 decades. In 1957 House of color paint introduced Regal, Wall satin and Latex interior paint product line.  The result is growing amount of interest toward self conducted painting style using those easy to apply water based paint. In 1972 a new product line is launched. The Regal and Aqua Velvet. Those are a low glossiness latex based paint. It’s able to give eggshell coupled like finish with excellent ability and easiness to be scrubbed. The first paint in the industry with such feature.

In 1976. Following the commemoration of the United States Bicentennial with collaboration with Service of the National Park (SNP) Benjamin Moore created his high historical value color collection. It contains interpretation of colors from the SNP archive and their respective historical house sites. In 1982 the company enters digital age with introduction of Moore’s computer color matching system. The first in painting industry. The system allows retailers of house of color paint to match color of any sample, no longer limited to chips. In 2000 the Benjamin Moore and Co joined with the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies. In 2002 the company launched major retail development initiative program. Leveraging unique attributes of the local retailer. The program was designated as The Signature Store Program. it’s designed to provide world class shopping experience to the customer. In 2003 a new line of product was introduced. The Regal matte, merges great color with a flat sheen and carefree application with high level of durability.

The paint has proprietary stain release resin, with imperceptible touch up and scrubbing easiness that never before available for any paint.  For the future however the company preparing to launch Color Lock. a New technology paint that boasts even better characteristics than Regal.

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Paint Selection

First of first merit on the house of paint is wide and impressive paint selection. Colors are fresh and stylish with over 3400 kinds you can explore in their interracialdatewebsites online catalog and you can view color combinations and suggestions based on your very own choice.

The company also offer trial service where you can actually order 1 pint of paint online for trial of color before finally make purchase on quantity. With that 1 pint of paint, you can apply around 2 coats of paints for 32 square feet area. If you order two or more colors. The shipment would include 1 inch paintbrush. Order more and you may have free shipping cost.

Availability of paint

House of color paint however may not be available in local home depot or lowes. The company sold their product through their wide network of independent retailers from the day one it was formed in 1883.  The network boasts over 4000 stores, across the United States and Canada. The stores includes signature, paint and decorating stores. There are also lumber yards and hardware stores.  with such wide network, odds are you may found them nearby.

Such distribution method are successful, where Benjamin Moore company was rated with highest customer satisfaction with interior paint. by independent reviewer J.D. Power and Associates in 2011


Currently the company boasts 4 main line of paint products. The Aura, Natura, Regal and Ben for interior paint. Each product line emphasize difference in quality and priced accordingly. Price of those products have risen since year of 2008. House of color however eliminated the hidden cost for color tinting that were not always included when buying. The following passage would detail each product line.

Aura paint

The premium line of the house of color. It claimed that you would never need to apply more than two coats of paint in any color selected. Available in matte, eggshell, semi gloss sheen and eggshell. All of these product lines include the new LockA technology that can eliminate color rub off. The paint requires no primer and can also acts as mildew resistant coat.  The price are high accordingly with around U$ 63 per gallon.

Natura Paint

The second paint in the line. Claimed to be Zero VOC interior paint (even after tinting). It’s available as water based primer and as eggshell, flat and semi gloss sheen. Like Aura, Natura is a self priming paint and claimed to be odorless.  Natura is an acrylic latex based paint and ideal for residential application like walls, ceilings, plasters and more. The cost are second only to Aura with price tag of U$ 55 per gallon


The third paint in the line of house of color. This product encompass two paint products, Regal Select and Regal Classic. Between the two you can find it in every sheen. Regal select is the latest of the two with claims of smoother application and better durability.  Both types can be washed, resistant to both fade and mildew. Cost for this line of paint is around U$ 50 per gallon.

Ben Interior paint line:

The last but not the least of the line. It’s the cheapest in the house of color paint. Availability is limited in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss sheen. This paint designed to attract customer who unable to afford the more expensive options. One gallon of this paint cost just about U$ 36.

The paint Coverage

According to the customer test to the Regal classic and Ben interior line. It’s found out that both paints were able to provide smooth and even coverage. With coverage per gallon roughly about 400 square feet which just like the promotional material said. Unfortunately the paints fell short in the second coat  as the customer had to still apply second coat after primer.


Paint Durability

The same customer observed the painted walls after three years of living with various abuses like elements and accidents.  It’s found out that Regal Classic eggshell was able to provide superior durability. Ben Moore interior in other hand delivered the claims of wash ability and easiness of clean up. None of the paint came off and wall still look as beauty as it was


In conclusion the house of color paint are impressive with diverse color selection and smooth application. Although there are coverage issues which fell short compared to competitor product which can deliver true one coat coverage.

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