Getting Professional Little Kitchen With No Effort

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In the recent period we seen the resurgence of interest in kitchen be it big or little kitchen and all matters related to culinary. With newly arising appreciation toward the value of food. and general social aspect of cooking. Such trends are fueled by numerous TV Cooking shows that features affable hosts which make everything look easy while some others use  salty attitudes.


More Kitchen time

People are spending more of their time in kitchen, according to Linda Eberle at Dream kitchens in Madison, state of Wisconsin.  They require more entertainment,  and cooking more thank what it was used to be Thus need kitchen that perform like those owned by professionals.

Demand for professional style kitchens regardless they are big or little kitchen are causing manufacturers of kitchen sets to rethink, redesign and then offer their customers, new products that have perks and efficiency previously only available to professional restaurant owners and cook. According to the Ulrich Koberstein. The executive staff at American Club in Kohler Wisconsin. Today home’s little kitchen are becoming more and more like professional kitchens.

Although the dish that cooked by each home would be different so is the kitchen size, some may have large kitchen while others may have little kitchen. The best professional style consumer kitchen set may include :


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Strong and durable materials

Stainless steel are current material of choice for professionals. Sinks, fridges and ranges are some that can be made out of it.  It’s strong, durable, able to resist nicks and scratches while being easy to maintain. Nowadays customers also love the cleanness of the stainless steel. Although some would feel bit shy away from taking the high tech style offered by this material to extreme in kitchen of their own

Luckily, professional style kitchen be it big or little kitchen does not need to look cold and sterile. Through use of multiple materials and textures, one can have little kitchen that both looks professional and warm. Wood and other organic materials offer this balance the tone and because of it, being  popular way to contrast and complement kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Should customer wants rich color scheme while still being durable and long lasting, cast iron would be the second best alternative for sinks.  Granite and quartz are favorite material used for countertops. It would also make pastry easy as granite is a good base plus being cool enough for rolling out dough.

Multiple sinks

Professional gourmet chefs and home cookers alike often have at least three tasks going at once as they cook and prepare a complicated meal set. Thus having two or more sinks reduces the steps and shuffling of pots and pans, therefor make the whole cooking process simpler, time saving and conserve precious energy.

As cooking has taken a place as social activity,  home cooks are often make party and invite their respective friends and family members to pitch in and help in cook and preparation of the meal. Having sinks in multiple locations make such collaborations convenient and more productive for everyone. Ranged from college roommate to your relatives.

Placement of the sinks also need to be considered. Consider to add one sink at the counter near your cooktop for extra bit of work efficiency and convenience.  Other sink which can be considered for entertainment purpose come in diverse size and shape and great for dedicated task like rinsing glasses and keeping bottles on ice.

Picking sinks

For choosing a sink, the best one is that which provide plenty of accessories to complement your style of cooking.  Moveable cutting boards, rinsing baskets, various trays and receptacles can make your meal preparation job easier and basically a heaven and so fun to do. even in little kitchen.

Another consideration in picking sinks is that the best sink must also provide integrated wet surfaces. Which will help expanding your work surface and simplify preparation tasks and cleanup when done with dish washing.  Good material is stainless steel which is easy to clean and easy to drain.

Professional faucets

After picking sinks here comes faucets, you must ensure that the faucets and spouts for the sinks match the way you cook your food. Most professional cook usually want at least one faucet with high arch spout over a deep basin for washing their extra large pots.

Another spouts you can consider is swing away type, as it can be moved out of way as you put large pot for washing at your sink basin.  Spouts with extendable and flexible hoses are great for fruits and vegetables washing and preparation.

Should you really want to add professional chef like amenity to your little kitchen. You may consider a pot filler. No more lugging around heavy water filled pots and pans to boil.  Pot fillers is basically a faucets which have extendible part. It can be installed next to your stove stop or prep sink for simplified access to water.

Rapid, easy cleaning

Another important trait exist in professional kitchen is easiness to be cleaned.  professionals are humans like us and they may dislike cleaning. Thus why their equipment are designed to be easily cleaned. Use of high quality stainless steel, wrought iron and granite countertops are used wherever possible as those materials are easily cleaned

After a meal party, you may want to cleanup to be very rapid so you can get out to main room and meet your guests. High arc, swing away spouts and pull down spray faucets let you get close to your cleaning work by pointing the spray exactly where you need it.

The brightest idea from full of activity and dynamic professional restaurant kitchen. When scaled down in size but not in quality can help the aspiring home chefs to look forward to each day in the kitchen as blessings to hone their skills and master new one.  With right layout, appliances and correct fixtures. It can bring helpful means of keeping family and friends together for a great time in pursuit of perfect meal.

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