Asian Kitchen : Some basic introduction and Essentials

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There are many styles of kitchen from around the world.  From European, American and now we have Asian kitchen style. Which typically inspired from Chinese or Japanese culture.  In this article however we will discuss some about the kitchen with some generalized design elements and alternatives.


Asian style kitchen, a generalized look

The essential of asian kitchen design is to use crisp geometries and natural materials where possible.. During design process it is important that the design should include a focal point that cater attention to asian design principles.  The means to achieve focal point establishment is basically achieved by paneling the bar area and exterior wall of the kitchen in bamboo plans. Such paneling scheme can create stunning focal point with Asian influence. To further accentuate the geometric nature of the panel placement, several perpendicular slabs of countertop can be placed around the bar area.



Working area of the asian kitchen may features cherry wood cabinets with recessed panels and rich finish. Another point is appearance of contrasting dark sienna cabinets, which contrasted with soft colored laminate countertop that meant to mimic soapstone.  The porcelain backsplash tiles printed with floral images provide the kitchen with further Asian styles touch decor. color of the tiles can have tones similar to the cabinets.  Flooring for the kitchen may use natural bamboo with caramel finish. Which may have similar colors to the planks that surround the bar area.  And Not stopping in the kitchen. The Asian touch can also be brought to dining room achieved through painting of a large sakura blossoms.

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The 8 tips for Asian Kitchen

In this section we will visit several tips that you can use for giving the asian touch to your kitchen, it’s easy to follow  but could be hard to implement. You may just play it safe by hiring professional in the field.

Balancing and harmony of the elements

Asian aesthetics put strong emphasis on harmony in all aspect. materials, design and even the surrounding area. You must pay attention to balancing visual elements like color, shape and values. If necessary you can employ professional or actually put some research on color and composition.  One tip for your kitchen design is dark range hood will offset the island while lighter ceiling beams should echo the cabinetry.

Natural elements #1 : wall

Surfaces with connection down to the earth are most welcomed in Asian style kitchens. You may consider woods, subdued stone or even a butchered block. More contemporary modern materials like concrete and glass cab be used but you will have to balance them with natural materials so that the kitchen doesn't really feel cold or harsh

Natural elements #2 : plants

Asian design rules allows and strongly recommends to bring outdoors inside in shape of plants and other natural motifs. You may consider adding touches like glass and acrylic that has plants like bamboo, grasses or leaves embedded within it. Example would be the shoji screen styled panels that located on the front of the kitchen windows. You may also line cabinet panels with bamboo stalks in spliced condition, or add some potted bamboo plants or wheat grass to infuse life aura to the room.

Simple and cleanness

Asian interiors are all about simplicity including the kitchen.  Asian style for kitchen must feel serene and low profile.

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You may want to keep the layout sleek and streamlined. without any form of visually disturbing clutter that can interrupt light.

Simplified cabinetry

Cabinetry arrangement in Asian style kitchen has clean lines and free of clutter ornamentation. Some cabinets even have a shaker like quality while others might opt for frameless. It kept the hardware crisp and minimal.


One characteristics of asian styled kitchen is high contrast area. It was done in deliberate manner to induce drama feels.  One example is black fridge panel against pale cabinetry of the kitchen.  You may consider in adding unexpected element to make the room sparkling, like a touch or gilt or unusually shaped island or a statement lighting fixture

Natural flooring

Flooring in Asian style kitchen is basically organic and feel so warm. Typical materials that you can use however is following :

  • Bamboo Flooring.

This flooring technique sometime considered as wood flooring. However bamboo isn’t wood, but rather a part of grass family.  It has rapid growth property and behave pretty much like wood. Thus makes bamboo attractive as a substitution to wood flooring.

Manufacturing process of bamboo flooring is basically similar as woods. Bambo can be used as it was, after cutting. In US however, manufacturing of bamboo flooring follows industrial process. Mainly to tailor it according to specification. During the process, a small amount of UF (urea-formaldehyde) adhesive might be added. This is a harmful substance as it can release a vapor of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). The good news however is that bamboo floor processing may only use small amount of it, or avoid it entirely.

Aesthetically speaking, bamboo offer similar  looks as wood flooring.  The advantage is that it’s much more durable because of its hardness and even lower cost as bamboo growth in a rate much faster than any trees.

– Wooden floor

Yes you read it right, wood.  It’s been a long time choice for anything in your house. It can be part of your furniture, structure and as home improvement flooring idea. The reason of wood’s popularity are because of their robustness,  repairability, durability and they just look so natural. For wooden floor you have quite number of options. ranged from solid wood to engineered wood.

  • Natural stone floor

Another candidate for flooring. Stone.  This might be one of the more costly options but for some architecture style, it’s very desirable.  With its natural tone of colors,  stone flooring give natural, bold and elegant sensation.  Durability is no question for stone. Just like concrete it can withstand almost anything.  Candidates available for your stone floors include marbles, granite, slate or travertine.

Reds for luck and glory

In Asian culture red is a strong symbolic color for happiness, good fortune and auspicious beginnings. although decoration of asian kitchen tend to head toward monochromatic. Few hints of another bold color can help energize a kitchen that done in asian style. There's one catch however that you may need to limit the bold color to avoid disturbing the serene feels.

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