Nice and Easy Steps to Get Natural kitchen Design

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Natural kitchen, what is it ? Is it a kitchen that naturally formed like natural nuclear reactor at a region in Africa ? Of course not.  Natural kitchen is a new trend in architecture and design that cater to the customer’s demand for more eco friendly building and to provide classical look to his/her kitchen. In this article we will visit some general ideas on kitchen designed based on natural materials. We may include some selection for materials and their price range.


Why getting to decorate kitchen anyway?

Kitchen is one kind of a room in the house, it’s often used so much that it might earn the same place as living room in our today’s modern house. In fact, once of a time in human history. Kitchen is the only room in their cavernous or tent house. centered around large fireplace where the ancient family cook, socialize and gain warmth from the fire.  Because of such nurturing nature and ancient history. Kitchen can be considered one single most important room a house should have. Your flat may not have its own bathroom or bedroom, but there always at least a stove table and cabinet to cook. That’s already a simple kitchen.


Today’s kitchen are viewed mainly based on the utility, there’s a reason for that since people decorate their house for showing to others, living room, bedroom and courtyard. However by re-decorating or remodeling your kitchen, you can help improve your life, your mood and show your style. Whether you know it or not, every part of the house, including kitchen reflects you. Your personality, what you like and what you dislike. The absence and presence of kitchen utensils may show that. Another is what food and beverages filled your fridge, the color of your kitchen’s walls and tones of the ceiling.  People visiting your house may see that and feel your personality, even without you telling them.  Thus it’s just important to to consider looks and aesthetics in your natural kitchen.


Outlook on the eco friendly kitchen

Trend toward using natural materials in kitchen are well beyond design concerns. However experts in interior designs said that natural kitchen is basically an accumulation or convergence of several general trends in society like :


Baby Boomers

The customer is getting older, there are many aging baby boomers now. Their aging process however are graceful by their healthy and active lifestyle. As their taste in interior products become more and more sophisticated.  They embrace the beauty and little imperfections that come with their aging.  Thus they need authentic, strong and durable product that last if  for a good long time or even last forever.

Greenhouse effect concern

As more and more people become more ecologically aware , the movement to reuse, recycle and even re-fashion already existing products continue to grow unabated. Natural materials have advantage that it tend to last longer than its synthetic counterpart.  Thus make prime choice for those who live a conservative back to nature lifestyle. As a result designers across the country agree that the increasing number of people who live a conservative lifestyle are opting for a chemical and synthetic material free home. Thus they should act to cater that customer demands.

Product availability

There are wide and diverse variety of products available today much greater variety and accessible to more customer. One example is Kohler company’s offers on faucets and fixtures in diverse array of styles and colors designed specifically to enhance natural material.

So how do those factors can affect design of kitchen ? The answer can be easily found by having closer look at features that comprise natural kitchen.

Sinks and faucets design

Interior designers said that apron front type of sink is popular choice for natural kitchens.  The sink’s appearance give the kitchen sort of historical reference point.  The sink is also beautiful, durable and most importantly it’s multi-functional. Thus can serve more than one purpose. For materials, stainless steel is popular  material as it is sturdy, durable and it contrasts well with countertops particularly the one made out of stone.

Diverse variety of sink and styles of faucets plus their finishing that available these days give consumers lots of options to enhance look of their kitchen’s natural material.

Another gem in design of natural kitchen is plumbing fixtures. Which is said to be the little jewels of the space.  Soft faucet finishes, ranged from antique brass to brushed nickels are in the rage trends. Same hold ture for lighting fixtures

Sink Countertops

Natural countertops material are long time dominated by granite. Famous for its durability and beauty.  People however also showing interest in other natural material, like wood and butcher block countertops, an old trend that making a return. According to designers, a growing segment of customers relish the  look of patina of wooden mellow as well as the cuts, any scratches and indentations. Which will develop overtime but can give the furniture its character.  There are also other natural materials such as marble, glass, copper, limestone and soapstone. Pewter can also be another durable although pricey alternative.

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Watch video Granite Countertop With Undermount Sink:

Man made but natural looking materials such as concrete and quartz composite are one strong contended for your kitchen and continue to draw  plenty of attention from interior design community. Although designer questioned the suitability of concrete as countertops due to surface cracking and staining.  Some however still credit the concrete for its easiness to be molded, colored or even stained and its unique textured look.

Another new material in the block are countertops that made out of recycled materials such as ground up glass or shavings of metal.  Indicating trend that moving toward lighter weight and environmentally friendly material. Another popular material for countertops are reclaimed marble slabs and antique tiles available from buildings slated for demolition.

Outlook to the future

So what’s next on the future of natural kitchen ?  According to Duval B. Acker from Kitchens by design, Mount Pleasant. South Carolina.  The new trends are just the beginning toward movement to “reinventing the natural” with sophisticated and state of the art recycled material based on crushed glass or scrap metal.  She continued that the focus would be on sustainability of materials for the next generation.


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