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Best Kitchen cabinets – Every kind of kitchen needs a storage. Cabinets is one of the storage available for your kitchen. There’s a place for everything and everything is in place. In this article we will pay visit on some kitchen cabinets San Diego provider, in California. Each of providers mentioned here have a long history, thus why we picked them. They can offer you the best cabinet available for your kitchen of any style, traditional, classic, modern modular kitchen. Especially for modular where cabinet forms it base part.


In terms of price however, as wiseman said, you pay what you get. These companies however can assure you just that, cost effectiveness, padded with unrivaled beauty and timeless elegance. Your kitchen cabinet would shine with beauty and most importantly, they will perfectly represent your unique style and desire. Kitchen might not be a room you show to others, however arguably it’s still one single most important place in your house, full of elegance and mysterious nurturing aura. So let the journey begin and start visiting our cabinet providers.


Boyar’s kitchen cabinet company is one old powerhouse. Serving kitchen cabinets San Diego County since 1974.  This company offers remodeling for a cabinet.  They offered and among the first company to develop the cabinet refacing process. Thus allow deep cuts to the cost and time of remodeling process.  Such process by client often considered as time and energy consuming, as it’s a major remodel exercise.  However it’s actually a process which only take a week to complete.  The remodeling process will only affect your cabinet, so you can still retain everything, flooring, layout, wall and other appliances. The only thing got transformed is again your cabinet.


Boyar company is consistently strive to improve and kept their leading position in the industry. Implementation of cutting edge technology and introducing new product based on it, are their forte to win the heart of customer. and also to provide them with the widest selection of products. They also only use best possible materials and tools for the refacing process to ensure the finished products to be shine and perfect, plus not the same old kitchen cabinets San Diego you previously have.

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Boyar also move further by claiming no compromise was given to the quality. everything they make for you including Kitchen cabinets San Diego is the best and they also back it with lifetime warranty.  Their products selection includes various custom finishes, materials, hardware and options.  They offer Blumotion drawer glides as their standard for soft-closing drawer slides, with other Blumotion technology used in concealed hinges.

Throughout the time, Boyar became known and synonymous with outstanding workmanship and product reliability. Over the time they often selected by the Contractors State License Board to participate and develop exams and new techniques to evaluate new contractors.  One plus thing is that Boyar does not subcontract any portion of their installation. It’s all theirs.  They have full teams of highly skilled employees in their company. Their installer team are craftsman, true craftsman with strong mindset and work ethic which hard to come by and rare to be found in other company. They have strong force of almost 30 employees, with experience in the company for over a decades.

As a contractor in San Diego. They were credited as BBB member for almost 20 years. They were also got good recognition by Houzz, NKBA, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, Chamber of Commerce and several others.


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Holland’s Custom Cabinets

The second company you can consider for providing your Kitchen cabinets San Diego . Established in 1977. Holland’s Custom Cabinet were founded by Robert Holland. In a decades later, his dedication, passion, inspiration, vision and dream toward perfect craftsmanship led his company forward and earned the reputation as one of San Diego and throughout the state of California as the mot talented, visionary team of Craftsmen, engineers and designers.  One trademark of Holland’s design is the exquisite build quality padded with timeless elegance.

You will find Holland’s custom cabinet in some of the California’s finest, and most upscale houses. All of the designs are handcrafted, made out of best custom and handpicked wood available, specially made to fit your desires, taste and to fit on your unique space. You will not find any prefabricated materials and designs in their work. Thus suitable for those who want distinctive elegance in their kitchen cabinet.

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Holland’s custom cabinet is ideal, not only for your kitchen but also all rooms in your house. Bedroom, living room, media room, basement, garages, bathroom or any room that you can name. Holland’s custom cabinet will ensure world class skill and craftsmanship to be used and bring the look and style you have always wanted.

Their strong team of consultant, marketing, master craftsmen and rest of the team will ensure that you’re always feel at home. Together with you they will provide the key and way pull your house up into the new level of beauty, elegance, style that are unrivaled and unique.

One of their business partner is Woodwork institute. Established much earlier in 1951. It’s a Non Government Organization that works toward preservation of wood as building material. In the following decades. Woodwork institute has grown into national organization, with primary purpose to ensure excellence and perfection of wood craftsmanship.

Idel Design

Idel design is one other contractor and kitchen cabinets san diego you can consider for bringing the kitchen cabinet you need. They are able to design and make the finest custom furnishings for your house, office, business using any available building materials like wood, wrought iron, granite and various kinds of stone and tiles.

Their team consist of designers, artist, sculptors, woodworkers and even blacksmith. They were also known for their service in finishing and problem solving solutions.  Their shop at Escondido California, with area of 12,000 square feet. The facility has cutting edge equipment, and climate controlled to ensure no weather degradation to the materials being worked.  In there they will build just the right cabinet for your need.

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