Chalk paint on kitchen Cabinets Expert, Annie Sloan is On the Top List

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Having difficulty in painting your kitchen furniture ? look no further, there’s one brand you can use, the chalk paint by Annie sloan.  You can apply the chalk paint on kitchen cabinets but not only limited to that, you can also put it almost on anything like usual paint.  In this article however we will make a short visit on Annie Sloan’s history and later sharing some tips.  And so let the journey begin.

About Annie Sloan             

A world class expert in painting and color. Annie Sloan distinguishes itself from other painter by having its own Chalk paint brand.  She’s also known for writing the well known books on painting techniques and how to apply chalk paint on kitchen cabines.  She has a strong background and highly enthusiastic toward the world of color. Her passion inspire many painters abroad.

Annie sloan began her training as fine artist, in the middle of 1970, after her graduation she turned into the decorative work. Her first job were painting house murals by commissions.  In 1987 she wrote her first and phenomenally successful book titled The Complete Book of Decorative Paint Techniques. This book, by many industrial expert are considered the prime source or bible in the painting and color subject.  You can perhaps use it for putting your chalk paint on kitchen cabinets.

Her Chalk paint brand however began somewhere in 1990’s where she was unable to find suitable paint for her to work with. Using her extensive and encyclopedic knowledge, passion and her expertise in painting, pigments and colors. She developed her brand, the Chalk Paint.  She opened her first shop in Oxford, England to showcase her chalk paint brand, and not only that she’s also opened courses and offering interior design services. If you wish to learn on putting chalk paint on kitchen cabinets, her course would give you more than that. You can also ask for her interior design services.

With network of over 1400 independent stockists that present in over 40 countries around the globe. Annie Sloan spread her idealism, products, passion, techniques and inspiration to those young painters and industry experts alike. Her products is exclusive that you won’t find similar paint in other brand.

With charm in South Africa, network in Cuba, United States and France. Annie Sloan considered having strong root in the world of painting and color.  You will not get it wrong with her chalk paint on kitchen cabinets.

Currently Annie lives and expressing her passion in paintings in Oxford for the last twenty five years, along with her soulmate David. Together they run the brand. Annie Sloan were born in Australia, from a Scottish father and Fijian mother.  She came to England when she was ten years old. her childhood was spent in farming life in Kent.  Currently Annie has three sons.

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Tips and techniques

After reviewing a bit about Annie Sloan and her famous Chalk paint brand, it’s now time to visit some tips and techniques for painting, especially for your kitchen cabinets. For starter we will begin in tips first.

Using the Chalk Paint

Painting kitchen cabinets can’t be more simple with Chalk paint. and not only the outside. You can use it for the interior of your kitchen cabinet.  It would only need application of two layers of paint. After that you’ need to protect and seal it using Annie Sloan’s trademarked soft wax.

Need further instructions ? Annie Sloan’s official stockist is always ready to provide tips and tricks along with practical advice, based on Annie Sloan’s method.

and now some color techniques, you can do using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.

Two color distressing

This is a signature look of the Annie Sloan’s work. It’s simple to achieve . All you need is two buckets of Chalk paint and little soft wax. For starters, you can try combination of Napoleon blue with Primer red. Another ingredients is the soft wax to protect your paint and of course, your paint brush as tools.

Start this technique by applying two coats of chalk paint. brush your paint to all directions.  Use the first color as first coat and secondary color as second coat.  The application of the second coat must be thinner than the first. so watch out with the amount of paint you apply. After painting, let it dry for an hour or two.

After the paint dried. With fine sandpaper of 600 grit or higher grade. sand the surface, to buff the finished surface.

After sanding, you can apply the Annie Sloan clear soft wax with lint free cloth or brush.  Do not let thick layer of the wax to form. make sure to distribute it evenly with your brush and remove any excess wax.

 The grainy wood effects

Using this technique, will bring the beauty of wood  of you kitchen cabinet, making them look rusty somewhat.

First is to add little amount of water to your chalk paint. Make sure to stir it to form a good mix. This process is called thinning the paint.  After it mix perfectly, you can apply the thinned chalk paint, by brushing it on to the wooden surface of your kitchen cabinet. Any way of brushing is allowed, however just make sure that the chalk paint is properly goes in to the grain of the oak.

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After the process, you may want to remove some excess paint several times until you reached the look that suitable for you.  First wiping of the paint will give a translucent stain looks.  Second and next wiping and your kitchen cabinet may become to look like a limed oak, as the paint seeping straight to the grain.

For stronger effect, you can brush some more. Recommended color to achieve this effect is old white, Duck Egg blue and Pure blue.

Make sure that every part of your furniture you painted got waxed at least once with lint free cloth. For other objects however such as floor, you may need to use appropriate protection solution like floor lacquer. If you like this article please share!!!

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