Best Wedding Venues North West You Can Call Now

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Best Wedding Venues – So the big day has come to you, the day where you will held a special ceremony to begin your long term commitment with your bride. The first question is of course where the wedding will be held. In this article we will provide some two places you can use in United Kingdom that could be suitable as your wedding venues north west.

Hornby Institution

One perfect candidate for your wedding venues north west, Hornby castle is situated in Lanchasire. surrounded by scenic village of Hornby and watched by the Medieval Hornby castle alongside Lune river. The Hornby institue offers wide options to match your wedding ceremony’s beauty with its budget.

Provisions and accommodations

The Hornby institution’s Carniege Lounge can be used as reception room for accepting the arrival or your guests or be left pristine and quiet as space for them to relax. The institution also offer bridal dressing room equipped with en-suite accommodation. Additionally there are several options consist of two beautiful suites for civil wedding ceremonies. Both suites are certified.

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The first suite  is named as Foster suite. Featuring old school look dated back to 1916. The suite is able to accommodate up to 60 seats for 60 guests for your wedding ceremony. You can also use it for smaller ceremony to accommodate up to 20 guests, spoiled with delicious breakfast.

The second suite is the parkinson suite that feature post world war two 1950’s look of decorations, ceiling and friezes, it’s a large suite capable of accommodating over 120 people for banquet and even larger 180 people for more style of casual gathering. The suite has a sprung floor, making it excellent for dancing and entertainment shows

Services offered by Hornby institue

At Hornby institute, the one possible candidate for your wedding venues north west. The staff is highly professional, dedicated and always be there to help and assist you in decision making and ensure that you and your guest to experience unforgettable wedding day.  They also provide additional services like Balloon arches, floral arrangements and full customization of decoration at stationary and tableware according to your preference

Food service

The Hornby institution provide you with full range of cuisine options for all budgets. From highly experienced professional in home caterer. However they can allow you to bring your own for your wedding venues north west ceremony.


Although the institute does not offer in-house accommodation. the staff will happily arrange you and your guest some place to stay if overnight stay is required.

Transportation options to the site.

Hornby institution is easy to reach and stylish, packed with modern facility such as an elevator. It is conveniently situated just 15 minutes of trip from M6 junction 34.  The site is fully reachable by main Lancaster transportation network hub.

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The museum of Industrial Science and Industry

Another alternative for your wedding venues north west, the museum of science and industry.

Located on in historic and the oldest yet still surviving passenger railway station. The Museum of Science and Industry can provide you the industrial and exotic look to your wedding .  Their gallery is contained inside 5 buildings, and all available as backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

After initial inquiry for ceremony, Museum of Science and Industry will assign their team of event organizers. They will cater your need and help in every possible way. menus, decorations, entertainment, what to display as backdrops. The team will closely work with you and guide you through your ceremony. Museum of Science and Industry also have license for civil ceremonies.

Because of their special railway nature. They can arrange you a special ceremony where their machines can take impact. Their special ceremony will start in Station Master’s house, with drinking event at station platform, before an actual train, the replica of 1830 planet steam locomotive transport your guest to the reception site.  Dinner will later held at the power hall, home of the one of the largest exhibition collection of steam milling machines and locomotive. For even greater impact in shape of industrial atmosphere. you can book presenters to actually operate the machine as your guests enter the hall.

The Museum of Science and Industry staff can also help you in decoration and organize the show in your wedding ceremony.

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