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What is modular kitchen ?  In this article we will discuss a bit about what is that and why it exist.

What is Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is basically a kitchen that made out of several pre fabricated modules. The modules here consist of cabinets, shelves and even some kitchen tools like microwaves, stoves and others.  Those parts can easily packed  and easy to arrange to make any modular kitchen arrangement you want. here reference

Where modular kitchen popular

Modular kitchen has been part of every modern home throughout the world.  Many was intrigued with its beauty and simplicity along with being practical to install or re install in almost any and all places

Pros of modular kitchen

In the following passage we will mention the advantage of modular kitchen :

  • They are easy to install, uninstall and re-installed
  • Save spacings
  • Highly custom built is possible, no modular kitchen can look the same.
  • Time saving as it’s quicker to made compared to usual kitchen se
  • Decluttering the kitchen by providing more space to store thing. There’s place for everything and everything is in place.

Cons of modular kitchen

And now some disadvantages, we know that everything is basically a double edged sword.

  • Expensive
  • Require professional assistance to install
  • Possibly high in cost to maintain
  • It needs regular cleaning

Some modular kitchen suppliers

Here we will detail some available modular kitchen suppliers that might just happen to fulfill your needs. Although they mostly based in India, they’re also succeeded in exporting their products. If your neighbor have modular kitchen set, odds are it’s made in India. The heart of Asia.

Design Indian Kitchen

Referred as the most Trusted Brand in the Modular Kitchen industry of India. They have the experience and powerhouse with producing and supplying over 2000 Kitchen set per year. They even accept highly customized works. They also famous and often referred as best company for the job in Delhi- NCR and India. With wide array of ever increasing customer, from both India and abroad. They have initiated exports  of kitchen sets to neighboring countries.  The company has very dedicated members and employees. Their motto is to make your kitchen just as delicious and beautiful as what you cook there. Your Support and Love has made us The Design India Kitchen company as India’s Largest Modular Kitchen Agency.

Oren Kitchen

Oren Kitchen World, another modular kitchen and other appliances. They claim to provide comprehensive planning and solution for your modular kitchen, their design exemplify elegance and style of the modern genre, providing a high end look to your kitchen. Not only modular  kitchen Oren Kitchen World is also the leading manufacturers Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Shutters, Kitchen Baskets, Kitchen Accessories, and supplier of Chimney, Hob and Hardware with all types of customization. They also claim affordability in price.

Not only producing kitchen accessories and utensils they also specializes in productions of typical household equipment.

The main production facility of Oren Kitchen is located in Umbergaon (Gujarat).  Their manufacturing philosophy is to provide distinctive trait and style for every stage of your kitchen which has helped the company to become one of India’s modular kitchen manufacturers.

They claim to provide their customers with dream modular kitchens that has a combination of design, quality, service and price that is unmatched by their rival in industry

Europlak Italy/International

Europlak is one international powerhouse for modular kitchen and general kitchen design company. It was established in 1972 in Italy – Teramo.The company was originated from the Piccioni Family. Based on a single furniture shop referred as “Mobilificio Piccioni ”. The progenitor for the Europlak as we see today however was established in 1986, named as Europlak Cucine. Europlak Cucine is the division  of Europlak that specializes in  the manufacturing, development and selling of kitchen design. In 1989, because of the opening of the East european markets following the fall of the Berlin wall.

Europlak started to export, especially to Russia. Beside export activities Europlak also integrate himself with some of the local kitchen designers and distributors, building local joint ventures. Thus becoming powerhouse of worldwide integrated manufacturing kitchen company with the ability to produce various design of kitchen in different styles. their main strengths are based  flexibility and ability to adapt and accommodate the requirements of customers . The expansion of the company across the Continental Europe, India, United States and now the Middle east area is a result of the successful implementation of  flexibility, creativity, reliability,and functionality in the design philosophy.

In terms of manufacturing technology. Europlak use the latest precision computer controlled machines. made in Germany or Italy.

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Tanishq Kitchen

Tanishq Kitchens is an  established and famous  in the Modular Kitchen & Furniture Industry. They claim to  give high importance to Quality & satisfactory service to their customer.  Their team of furniture expert are ready by 24/7 to help you to make your dream modular kitchen or general kitchen design.

customer service & support are high in their priority as they base their company  in building long term relationship with every customers they work with. They are among the first company  to introduce superior quality modular kitchen technology with combination and customization of traditional Indian styles & trends with sophisticated cutting edge design &  practical functionality.

Their tools of trade are of Italian and German made, tailored to produce high quality designs and services to their customer.  With over a six years of operation & thousands of superb designed and delivered modular kitchens and satisfied customers, They claimed to be one of the best in the field.

This company is based on Pune India. But may have world wide reach for their products.

Kitchen Banao

KitchenBanao is a one stop modular kitchen fabricator supplier that based in Mumbai, you can basically come to their place or directly order from their site. KitchenBanao, customer satisfaction and desires are listened and converted into high end and functional modular kitchen design. Currently however they are limited in delivering their fully customized, high end modular kitchen product to end consumers in Mumbai India.

Their manufacturing unit is capable of providing full set solution for end consumer like Kitchen plan & Technical layout, Design of modular kitchen plus Maintenance and installation of the kitchen on site. Their team also ofeers full gamut of kitchen hardware from Kitchen Cabinets,  Baskets,  Shutters, Kitchen wall Accessories, Kitchen Chimney, Hob and other Hardware with all types of customization depending on your demand.

They have a full fledged 3D and 2D design team that are professional and competent. They can also work with individual client as well as their Contractors, Architects & Interior designers to produce design that are versatile and well within the bound of customer’s desire.

It’s also possible for customer, should they already have their own plan to request help from this company to fabricate modular kitchen  based on his/her own plan.  Their team will oversee every stage of manufacturing process from material selection, cutting, designs until the kitchen is fully installed.

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